[webkit-help] Webkit Win32 Build

achellies achellies at 163.com
Sun Mar 6 20:18:01 PST 2011

Does anyone compile successfully the Latest Webkit source codes on Win32, as i know the Webkit use the Webkit2 as default, but i will run the build scripts "build-webkit --debug", the JavaScriptCore and Webcore are built successfully, but the webkit are failed, the following is the error.

..\WebProcess\WebPage\DrawingAreaImpl.cpp(200) : error C2039: 'EnterAcceleratedCompositingMode' : is not a member of 'Messages::DrawingAreaProxy'
..\WebProcess\WebPage\DrawingAreaImpl.cpp(200) : error C3861: 'EnterAcceleratedCompositingMode': identifier not found

i think it is a bug for win32 building, does anyone also meet this problem?

As the Webkit.sln use the Webkit2 as defualt, how can i change the webkit2 to webkit?
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