[webkit-help] Windows default webkit build broken

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HI, Nick Guenther
Would you do me a favor to tell me how to build WinCairo port on window, for i do want to use the CoreGraphics and CFNetwork etc. so i want to use the cairo and curl freetype to build the wincairo port, but i think it's well hard to build the wincairo, there are so many MACRO to defined, so i wander does anyone know  using the Cmake to configure wincairo building?

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I just went spent two weeks bashing my head against building webkit on Windows. Are you using the proper version of visual studio? Have you set environment variables right? Have you installed all the VS patches?


Post your build log. Maybe someone will catch something.


Good luck,

-Nick Guenther



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I have unix and windows experience, I have tried several times with different cygwin downloads including the download link on the webkit site.  I used git to download the latest code on Sunday Feb 27 2011.
I have had a number of missing package errors with each build. The default link for cygwin from the webkit site first pass build fails on no gtk-docsize, when I down loaded and installed gtk-docs, the second attempt fails with cannot run autoreconf.

Can you tell me why you default download does not build  webkit. 

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