[webkit-help] How to call JavaScript function from WebKit

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Mon Jun 20 06:36:20 PDT 2011

you can call as the following:
bool returnFlag = false;
WebCore::Frame* pMainFrame = GetFrame();//Note 10/19/10 - abaldeva - We need to investigate if we should get the focus Or MainFrame here.
WebCore::ScriptController* pProxy = pMainFrame->script();
const WebCore::String sFileName;
const int             baseLine = 1;
const WebCore::String sScriptSource(pScriptSource, length);

KJS::JSValue* pValue = pProxy->evaluate(sFileName, baseLine, sScriptSource);

                    // we need the exec only because JSArray::get requires the exec state. This could potentially be removed.
                    ExecState* exec = pProxy->windowShell()->window()->globalExec();
                    TranslateJavaScriptValue(pValue, pReturnValue, exec);

                // 7/27/10 CSidhall So this is a small API change, we now return true if a non zero pValue was found versus previously where 
                // we only returned true if  pValue was non zero and a pReturnValue was set by the user.  This was suggested by Chin Yee Cheng.
                // So any return with a non NULL pValue is a success.  (It is unclear if there could be some special
                // exceptions to this in case of with "Break" or "Continue" internal JS completion codes but we consider those as fails for now).
                returnFlag = true;  
                // No valid return so leave the returnValue to undefined
            // 5/12/10 CSidhall - Changed this to just flag the update instead of doing a full layout update as EvaluateJavascript might be called x times in a same frame. 
       // We could consider only updating the layout in case only of a pValue return
            WebCore::FrameView* const pMainFrameView  = GetFrameView();

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anyone help me, how to call JavaScript function from webkit and give the example code..

Thanks & Regards,

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