[webkit-help] Save Login session

Deepak Mundra deepak.m at allaboutif.com
Wed Jun 8 22:32:15 PDT 2011

Dear Fred.

I am using Webkit-gtk 1.2.0 , could you please tell me which graphic
backed are you using ? qt or  directfb ?
And there is no curl dependency in webkit-gtk 1.2.0 it was removed
long back. Right now it uses only libsoup. please correct me if im
wrong :)


On Thu, Jun 9, 2011 at 10:55 AM, Fred Lee <fred.lee at zetakey.com> wrote:
> Dear Deepak,
> I am not sure about the gtk build, but my customized build on mips does work
> for facebook and gmail (using curl). The key point is whether u have saved
> the cookie, and import them when u next time start the browser.
> Cheers,
> Fred
> On 6/9/2011 1:09 PM, Deepak Mundra wrote:
>> Dear Fred,
>> That will not help and it is not only about Facebook. All sites which
>> requires login have same behavior. If i exit browser without logging
>> out and restart again then i have to enter my login and password
>> again(even if i check "remember me").
>> Thanks
>> Deepak
>> On Wed, Jun 8, 2011 at 6:52 PM,<fred.lee at zetakey.com>  wrote:
>>> Dear Deepak,
>>> I think in the login page of facebook, there is a checkbox of "keeping me
>>> logged in", which will allow u to skip entering
>>> the username and password next time u login facebook.
>>> Cheer,
>>> Fred
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>>>>  Dear All,
>>>>  I am using webkit-gtk 1.2.0.  Running on mips platform.
>>>>  How can i save login sessions ? Right now what  happening is, I
>>>>  launch the browser, login to Facebook , use my profile and then exit
>>>>  the browser without logging out. And now i relaunch the browser and
>>>>  open Facebook page and i need to login again. What is best way to keep
>>>>  my session alive when i exit and relaunch the browser again.  I am
>>>>  thinking of keeping sessions in ramfs (not on the disk)  which means i
>>>>  am not actually thinking of retaining my session if i reboot the
>>>>  device but only when the device is on and exit and relaunch the
>>>>  application. please give me some pointers.
>>>>  Thanks
>>>>  Deepak.
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