[webkit-help] Regarding PageCache and DOM Tree

Ammar Ahmad Awan ammar.ahmad.awan at gmail.com
Fri Jun 3 06:33:32 PDT 2011

Dear All,

I am using the WinLauncher app, and in its edit control, I am writing
a link to an svg file.

My question is that Webkit will make a DOM tree the first time, but if
I refresh or type the same URL again, is there a check inside Webkit
code to determine if this file has been loaded already and the DOM
tree will not be re-constructed or is it constructed every time we
make a request to the WinLauncher app.

Is PageCache relevant here and if yes, where can I see the code which
checks whether to make a new DOM tree or use an already constructed
DOM tree?

-- Ammar

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