[webkit-help] Build --wincario problem

y w ytrac00 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 31 09:26:53 PST 2011

Hi all,

I have successful built WebKit on my Windows XP via cygwin:
    build-webkit --debug

I am now want do a test in windows and  try build cario.
I followed 
instruction https://svn.webkit.org/wiki/BuildingCairoOnWindows download and put 
the "requirements" to webkit/ and did setting of the include and lib directory 
in vc++2005 express.
when I build with the command:
     build-webkit --wincario --debug
I got faild );
It stopped at WebCore,    Performing Pre-Build Event...    /usr/bin/bash    cl : 
Command line warning D9040 : ignoring option '/analyze'; Code Analysis warnings 
are not available in this edition of the compiler    tmp.cpp    Compiling...    
 : error C2665: 'WebCore::toJS' : none of the 124 overloads could convert all 
the argument types         
 could be 'JSC::JSValue WebCore::toJS(JSC::ExecState 
*,WebCore::JSDOMGlobalObject *,WebCore::InjectedScriptHost *)'
 or 'JSC::JSValue WebCore::toJS(JSC::ExecState *,WebCore::JSDOMGlobalObject 
*,WebCore::JavaScriptCallFrame *)'
 or 'JSC::JSValue WebCore::toJS(JSC::ExecState *,WebCore::JSDOMGlobalObject 
*,WebCore::Location *)'   
It seams something conflict.
Any one knows how to fix it? 
I am very appreciate you help!

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