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The first thing you need to do is get a reference to the Javascript function that you want to call.  This is the order of things you have to do:

Get the Javascript context in which your function has been defined.  I haven't played around with WinLauncher, but in GtkLauncher it is obtained by using:
frame = webkit_web_view_get_main_frame (web_view);
context = webkit_web_frame_get_global_context(frame);

I would imagine WinLauncher is similar...

Once you have the context, assuming that your Javascript function is defined globally, you will need to get the context's global object:

JSObjectRef globalObject = JSContextGetGlobalObject(context);

Once you have the global object, you will need a JSStringRef containing the name of the global function that you wish to call.  So, if you have declared the Javascript function as follows:

function my_function()
//do something
you should create a string "my_function" as follows:
    JSStringRef     myFunctionName = JSStringCreateWithUTF8CString("my_function");

Now you can get the property of the global object with the name "my_function":
JSObjectRef functionObject = (JSObjectRef)JSObjectGetProperty(context, globalObject, myFunctionName, NULL);

functionObject now contains a reference to your Javascript function, and can be called as follows (I'm going to make an example where my_function takes two numbers as arguments):

JSValueRef  arguments[2];
JSValueRef result;
int num_arguments = 2;
arguments[0] = JSValueMakeNumber(context, 1.0);
arguments[1] = JSValueMakeNumber(context, 3.14);
result = JSObjectCallAsFunction(context, functionObject, globalObject, num_arguments, arguments, NULL);

I hope that helps.

Allison Newman

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1. Calling JS Function From C (Nimish Nayak)


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Hi all

In WinLauncher the WebFrameLoadDelegate Interface has already been
implemented.In the function didClearWindowObject I called my own function
where I Make a function with a call back set it as the property and call a C
function from JS But how can i call a JS function from C.
I was reading online i saw JSObjectGetProperty and JSObjectCallAsFunction
but I am not able to understand the parameters well of both these functions
is ther a way i can get this done.?

Mr. Nimish Nayak
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