[webkit-help] rendering HTML to a bitmap (wincairo port)

Daan Nusman d.nusman at re-lion.com
Thu Jan 20 03:02:35 PST 2011

Hello everyone,

Is it possible to use the WebKit(2) API to render directly to a memory 
bitmap or texture?

I've already built the WinCairo port. It works nicely in a window 
(WinLauncher), very cool! However, I'd like to render to a fixed bitmap, 
without any window to embed WebKit in (somewhat like a console 
application). Is this possible without a huge effort?

- hack the COM object?
- create a completely new platform layer/port?
- am I completely missing a convenient WebKit2 API call? :)
- modify/use the print functionality?

[Some context: I would like to start using WebKit for creating reports, 
from inside our full-screen DirectX9-based simulator (Windows-based). It 
just works like any other DX9 full-screen game, and has its own UI 
toolkit. To integrate a simple static report, generated from HTML, into 
our UI, we need to render the HTML to a texture so we can use that to 
show the report. Nothing interactive required, and no networking 
required. I'm a newcomer to WebKit so any pointers are greatly appreciated.]


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