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Nimish Nayak nimishnayk at gmail.com
Sun Feb 20 23:16:09 PST 2011


Firstly I would like to thank Adam Roben and Brent Fulgham for helping me
out with my prior issues
I have forked out 'WinLauncher' Project from the WebKit Source and
successfully compiled it on Visual Studios 2008 Now all i need are the DLL's
and i am all set to go. :)

I built Webkit on two different ports 1) Apple 2) Cairo
After Building i ran the WinLauncher (default Browser) entered the URL *"
http://www.html5test.com"* as seen Cairo's build beats Apple in 2 segments
by couple of points but loses out on GeoLocation (=10 points) thus
Apple(179) outscores Cairo(172) by 7 points.

*I wanted to know is there a way i can enable all the features pertaining to
HTML5 which currently scored very low Eg: video audio scores 0 even
GeoLocation scored 0.
my Build Script (http://img207.imageshack.us/i/webkitao.png/) But it still
scored 172 :( I dont know much here so i need your guidance.)

I have built from Source *r-76727* successfully I tried with *r-78794* but i
faced lot of issues as listed below_

*JavascriptCore* Project Failed *Soln*: it required Advapi32.lib to be
included (now this could be a VS2005 Express Edition issue)
*WebCore* Failed DownloadBundle.h was missing *Soln*: I copied this file
from network/cf network/win
*WebkitLib* Failed 3 errors:
          1.'right' is not a member of Webcore::IntRect
          2.'left' is not a member of Webcore::IntRect
          Soln: renamed right and left to width and y
          3.Cannot open include file 'Webcore/DownloadBundle.h" *Soln*:
Included this file in the same location like other <Webcore/...h> files

Even After this I encountered a couple of errors but I did not continue
Would update you on what I encountered and what solution i derived.
I built it on WinCairo Port Executed same ./build-webkit script as in the
image provided above
Thanks n Rgds,
Mr. Nimish Nayak
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