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Mon Feb 14 22:58:52 PST 2011

Hi guys!I need to implementation VIPS http://www.zjucadcg.cn/dengcai/VIPS/VIPS.html algorithm, which is 
segmentation a web page base on vision.So, I need a tool to rendering html page.Here is my requirement:
1)I want to know the color of any character in html page,can webkit satisfy this requirement?
2)For any tags in the html,if it has content which could display on a browser,i want to know the 
location of the content,which means start coordinates and end coordinates on the browser.can webkit 
satisfy this requirement?
3)Because all of the pages have been down through my crawler,so,could Webkit process pages which storage 
in local file system?
4)My project is develop by Java.So, which port of webkit is suitable?
On this link, it is said : 
"The WebKit architecture consists of two considerable parts. The first one is cross-platform, it is 
responsible for parsing documents, generating DOM, supporting JavaScript. Another part, platform-
dependent, so called "port", is intended for communicating with network, rendering graphic content on 
the screen and other devices, event handling, and other features. JWebPane is a Java port, in which all 
cross-platform calls are implemented in Java." 
Base on this,it looks like the second part is useless for me,the first one can satisfy all my 
requirement,can i just use the first one?
Can anyone help me?If possible, please give me some example code,because i can't find any documentation 
about how to use webkit.Thank you!
Apologize for my poor english!

        Zhou Peng
        zhoupeng19 at 126.com 
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