[webkit-help] Webkit on Android

Demetris demetris at ece.neu.edu
Sat Feb 12 21:22:49 PST 2011

I posted this a few days ago but I have not seen it in the forum .. can
someone please notify me if they can see my posting below?


On 2/8/2011 11:08 PM, Demetris wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am running Ajax on the native browser of Android 1.6 which is not too
> famous for dealing with the same-origin security policies. The browser,
> which is based on WebKit
> The Ajax clients call remote web services from the phone and since the
> scripts in them contain various URLs I get a preflighted request (with
> OPTIONS). However, when the server returns the preflighted response
> the browser does not do much beyond that (to serve the client that was
> running on it). I cannot return these responses to the browser.
> Any idea as to what the browser or the WebKit based browsers expect
> from such preflighted requests?
> Thanks very much in advance
> Demetris

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