[webkit-help] Preload Scanner in WebKit

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Yes.Your conclusion is right.
Because Javascript will modify the html structure,i.e,with document.write
method.So the html parser need to block when encounter external
javascript.But this block would reduce performance. So there's preload
For CSS or other external resources,they have no impact on html document.So
they will not influence the parser process.Thus no need for preload scanner.

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> Hi,
> While trying to understand preload scanning in WebKit code, I got to know
> that it only starts when HTMLTokenizer encounters JavaScript. Am I right in
> concluding so?
> If yes why it's not started if we encounters CSS files or other
> sub-resources first. Is there any particular reason for this??
> Thanks for any help.
> Regards,
> ROSE-nd-ASH,
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