[webkit-help] URL validating process in WebKit

Ghita Alaoui alaoui_ghita at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 13 13:43:20 PST 2011

Hi all, 

I need to know how webkit validates a URL address entered by a user in the web browser, I tried to follow step by step the compiler, but since I'm new, I'm completely lost in the webkit source code.
In fact, my goal is to do all the process of URL validation in the client side instead the server side (webkit), to do this, I want to extract from the webkit source code the part where he treats url validity and put it in my project to change it later according to my own web browser.
I know that for WebKit, part of the validation is done KURL::init() and the final decision of invalidating the URL is in KURL::parse().  
To get the part of the source code that deals only with the validity of a url, I tried to create a new project, copy the Kurl class of webkit and put it in my new project, and a main file that creates an object Kurl, but I got lot of problems of file dependencies.
So, Based on your experience, have you a better way to do this? (how I can get an independent program who do this, I mean, give the program one URL (for example in the main file), and the program returns me his feedback to its validity )
It was clear enough? I hope it ! 
so if someone could help me, I will be very grateful  		 	   		  
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