[webkit-help] Running cairo build of Webkit on other windows machines.

Chris Waldron christy.waldron at gmail.com
Sat Dec 10 20:30:22 PST 2011

I haven't tried to move the built bits independently so I don't know if my
build has dependencies from VS2005.   However on my VM I never loaded VS2005
-- only VS2008.  And working with you got a clean build.  The blocker for me
was the tests.  WinLauncher is broken as it is written to consume all input
events rather than pass the input event to the main window.  Why it's
written that way is beyond me.  I've been pretty busy but will get back to
WebKit next week.

What's needed really a migration of the source to at least VS2008 or
straight to VS2010 and a complete fixup of all the VS2008 warnings.  I hate
building with /W0 flag on VS2008.


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Mike Fairlamb <m.fairlamb at ...> writes:

> Hi,
> Successfully built a version of cairo Webkit and was running 
> winlauncher on my old development machine.
> Copied the bin directory with all of the built exes/dlls to another 
> machine
> tried to run WinLauncher.
> This is when I run into the problem of side by side dlls. I have 
> installed the
> vs2008 runtime. In the event log is was getting messages like 
> Activation context generation failed for 
> "D:\Projects\Webkit\win\Release_Cairo_CFLite\bin\WebKit.dll".
> Dependent Assembly Microsoft.VC80.CRT,processorArchitecture="x86",
> publicKeyToken="1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b",
> type="win32",version="8.0.50727.5592" could not be found. Please use 
> sxstrace.exe for detailed diagnosis.
> What I understand it was looking for a specific version of the 
> I
> copied the three runtime dlls into the current directory and created a
> file for Winlauncher. This moved the problem to another dll asking for 
> version="8.0.50727.6195".
> The other dlls that were causing me problems were the ones from 
> Webkitlibraries\bin. Is the source available to rebuild these with out 
> using a manifest for each dll generated.
> As anyone else had these problems.
> Mike

Thanks Jerry,

I was building with vs2008.

Downloaded the source built with no errors but warnings. 

This is good to see after all the challenges of the past couple of weeks
trying to get the cairo build of webkit to work correctly.

Noticed that the projects are still set to use the MANIFEST option. Will
play tomorrow and see how I get on.

Might try moving everything to vs2010 and see where that gets me. A small
task I am sure :-)

It I succeed I will make doing the build for everything in one place much
easier and I should not get the issues I have been experiencing with the
side by side issues.


As for the vs2008 projects, I have a copy of the webkit pool that builds
(with help of Chris Waldron) and I am reluctant to do an svn update as it
might break may build. I setup a vm and installed that with vs2008/cygwin
and the latest svn pool. Had some minor issues with the environment but
still got problems building using vs2008. 

I have got my "working" build out side of the cygwin directory by using the
environment variables:


This made life much easier and less reliance on the cygwin structure

Looking at the waterfall status, it says the Windows Release build is green
for good build. I dont believe this! I copied my "working build" pool to the
vm and this did a successful build where the one from the trunk did not. 

This is a very frustrating working on this. Our end goal is to get webkit
embedded into our app. thus removing the reliance on the installed version
of IE and to have a good html 5 rendering platform to do some good html5
stuff with. 
After reading how good webkit and how popular it is for embedded projects,
thought it was worth the effect. I am beginning to wonder!!

This does sounds like I am knocking all the work and effect that has gone
into the cairo webkit build, I am not and it most be an up hill struggle to
keep this  stuff in check and building on multple platforms. My whinge is
about the complexity of a Windows build using bits of linux environment
(cygwin), getting the build environment set up in the first place.

Something that says a good build (the waterfall status) and it does not. I
will admit that they is no easy or quick solution to solve some of this
issues, but this does not help me or other people who are trying to build a
version of webkit for windows.


Thanks for all the hard work you and brent put into this project.


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