[webkit-help] Breakpoint in the WebCore does not work in the xcode with safari.

Kihong Kwon vimff0 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 1 18:13:26 PST 2011

I have a question about breakpoint with xcode.
What I want to say, I can't use a breakpoint with WebCore in the xcode.

After finish to build webkit, I made a breakpoint in the DOMWindow.cpp
(I want to check to work break point, so I  enter a breakpoint to
DOMWindow::alert and make a alert for teting)

I did googling for this, so...

1. Launch safari.
2. Run -> attach to process -> select WebProcess (My XCODE version is 3.2.6)
3. Click debug

But breakpoint does work.
Did I make wrong? or have I to do anything else?

Please help me.
Thanks & Regards,

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