[webkit-help] How to enable Web Inspector in winlauncher

Sumedh vsbhogle at gmail.com
Wed Aug 17 01:13:53 PDT 2011

Still,we can not get web inspect element when i click on it.

NOTE: I am using webkit.dll from the nightly builds.

I'd suggest stepping through WebView::
notifyPreferencesChanged (where the developer extras preference is passed
down to WebCore) and WebCore::ContextMenuController::showContextMenu (where
the Inspect Element item is added) as a start.

Now we can see the web inspector. We were missing some .resource Dirs. If
you don't mind, can i know how it is related to .resource files. If
info.plist is not preset in my webkit.resource dir, application crashes.
Anyhow, it works now, we appreciate your help.

Dhanyawaad (Thanks)

Sumedh S Bhogle
Mumbai | Mob. 09969085122
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