[webkit-help] Request for help to modify webkit

ajai narayanan ajainarayanan at gmail.com
Mon Aug 15 17:58:48 PDT 2011

  I am trying to learn webkit and have downloaded the nightlies and built it
and have so far looked through the code for a basic understanding.

Now I would like to make modifications to webkit so that I understand it
completely (there by get my hands a little dirty).

All I am trying to do is to do minor modifications to a single component of
webkit that I could see in evidence when executed.

So as a start I tried blocking certain set of URLs/URL in webkit (added
functions as part of KURL class) but could not accomplish it without
breaking the application.

I know this modification has very little meaning but all I am trying to do
is learn how things work inside (as it has got a lot to do with
Threads,pipes,Pointers,resource loads,platform API, etc., and individual
components that form the basis of webkit application).

Can anybody provide me the direction as to where I need to concentrate to
make this modification?

If its a bad idea to start with can somebody suggest me making "any"
modification to any module that would help me learn about that particular
component or webkit?

Any small modifications, say ,disabling the "alert()" function call in JS
which would help me learn about JavascriptCore in detail would be a great

I'm sorry if this mailing list is not the right place to ask such beginners
question and I'm sorry for my naivety.

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