[webkit-help] [webkit help] Layout tests documents issue

邱丹 cosmos_qiu at 126.com
Thu Aug 11 00:06:47 PDT 2011

  I have been trying to run webkit layout tests these days and want to learn more about the test.
  But I can't visit Webkit's wiki because of My County's firewall. 
  I'll really appreciate it if anyone can send me the documents in http://trac.webkit.org/wiki/NewRunWebKitTests .  Saved Html Pages will be OK. 

  Thanks very much~

发件人: Moumita Banerjee 
发送时间: 2011-08-10  23:13:39 
收件人: webkit-help 
主题: [webkit-help] build error 

when I have run the cairo build but it failed. when I open the build log file it shows me that "Build machine environment variables may not be correct"
Please help me to solve the problem.

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