[webkit-help] errors of building webkit-r59711

Adam Roben aroben at apple.com
Tue Aug 2 11:14:35 PDT 2011

On Jul 29, 2011, at 3:34 AM, wenmhappy wrote:

> hi,
>        I got errors when building webkit-r59711 with vs2008:
> e:\webkit-r59711\webcore\platform\graphics\win\WKCACFLayer.h(144) : error C3861: 'CACFLayerSetClearsContext': identifier not found
> e:\webkit-r59711\webcore\platform\graphics\win\WKCACFLayer.h(145) : error C3861: 'CACFLayerGetClearsContext': identifier not found
> e:\webkit-r59711\webcore\platform\graphics\win\WKCACFLayer.h(162) : error C3861: 'CACFLayerSetFilters': identifier not found
> e:\webkit-r59711\webcore\platform\graphics\win\WKCACFLayer.h(163) : error C3861: 'CACFLayerGetFilters': identifier not found
> e:\webkit-r59711\webcore\platform\graphics\win\WKCACFLayer.h(208) : error C3861: 'CACFLayerSetSortsSublayers': identifier not found
> e:\webkit-r59711\webcore\platform\graphics\win\WKCACFLayer.h(209) : error C3861: 'CACFLayerGetSortsSublayers': identifier not found
> these functions are not declared in E:\WebKit-r59711\WebKitLibraries\win\include\QuartzCore\CACFLayer.h, but could be found in E:\WebKit-r59711\WebKitLibraries\win\lib\QuartzCore.lib.
> ..\platform\graphics\win\WKCACFLayerRenderer.cpp(420) : error C2065: 'm_renderer' : undeclared identifier
> the class WKCACFLayerRenderer has no  m_renderer at all ,  why  people who write the code makes the problem?
> I don`t understand why is there strange things like this.
> who could help me?
> I have done update-webkit.

If you have used update-webkit, why are you building such an old revision of WebKit? Do you have a version of WebKitSupportLibrary that corresponds to r59711, or are you building with the latest available WebKitSupportLibrary?


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