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Ammar Ahmad Awan ammar.ahmad.awan at gmail.com
Mon Apr 25 23:56:19 PDT 2011

On Mon, Apr 25, 2011 at 6:38 PM, Ariya Hidayat <ariya.hidayat at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I am doing a university project using webkit-2. I am interested in
>> possible collaboration with people who are using webkit-2 for their
>> projects, would love to hear from you guys.
> Would be helpful if you also share what you are doing or want to do
> with WebKit2.
I am trying to develop a native app for drawing svg on win32 canvas
using webkit's svg implementation. I have been trying to start a
project from scratch but I couldn't do so. I will appreciate if you
can write a few steps on How to create a new Visual studio project and
use webkit's functionality. I am pretty new to webkit so don't know
how it can be added to my project.

>> I am interested in the SVG related functionality and am curious about
>> how webkit-2 is handling svg related classes and functions. I know
>> that webkit-1 uses SVG classes in the WebCore but webkit-2 is not. If
>> not, what is wk2 using for displaying svg.
> What makes you come to the conclusion that WebKit2 is not using the
> same SVG classes?

I tried debugging the Tools/WinLauncher and Tools/MiniBrowser with
breakpoints in SVGCircleElement and some other SVG related .cpp files.
They got hit when I debugged the WinLauncher app but didn't stop when
I was debugging MiniBrowser app.

Adam Roben has pointed out that I will have to attach the
WebKit2WebProcess to the debugger explicitly so I am going to try that

P.S : I tried including SVGclasses from the webcore directly in the
WinLauncher app but was not successful. When i add the statement

#include <WebCore/SVGCircleElement.h> in WinLauncher or MiniBrowser,
the programs do not compile and the error message leads to the file (
SVGCircleElement.h) where ENABLE ( SVG ) macro is use . It is disabled
and the source code is shown in gray color. How can I enable that or
how can I use Webcore classes direcltly in some app like MiniBrowser.

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> Ariya Hidayat
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-- Ammar

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