[webkit-help] Async methods in WebCore

Julien Chaffraix julien.chaffraix at gmail.com
Mon Apr 18 09:05:20 PDT 2011


> I am defining JavaScript bindings to methods of a new class in WebCore using
> an IDL.  I have added a new class to WebCore, where I want some of
> the methods in this new class to return immediately, and upon completion I
> want these methods to return the status to JavaScript using callbacks.  What
> would be the best way of doing this in WebCore.
> Can anyone please assist me with this?

There is a couple of areas that uses asynchronous dispatching inside
WebCore. You could mimic what is done in those cases.

One way is to use an EventListener and dispatch a custom Event on your
object with your return value inside. That's what a lot of objects are
using: one simple example would be
Source/WebCore/xml/XMLHttpRequest.idl as there is only few events
(onReadyStateChange or onprogress are the most relevant IMHO) and not
a lot of other code around. The dom/ directory has also a lot of
examples of event dispatching.

The other way is what Geolocation is doing: you register a callback
and manually call it with the right arguments. See
Source/WebCore/page/Geolocation.idl and the bindings side. This will
likely require some custom binding code to check the object passed as
an argument and call the right method.

Hope it helps,

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