[webkit-help] Modifying network configuration without restarting WebKit

Yannick Poirier contact at yannickpoirier.fr
Wed Sep 29 00:56:10 PDT 2010


I'm using WebKit + libCurl backend .
My problem is that when I change network configuration  (for example from
wired to wifi ) and try to re-load a web page, sometimes the browser stops
to work and then it is impossible to load another page.

What I now is that it happens when libcurl tries to re-use an old connection

* Re-using existing connection! (#0) with host ...

Most of the time it detects that this connection is not valid anymore so it
starts a new one without any problem.
But sometimes the browser uses this connection and then we cannot load a
page anymore.

I'm using WebKit r59822 + libCurl 7.20.0

I dont't know if it is a bug in libCurl, and how it can be fixed ?


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