[webkit-help] Help with compilation

Ram Madduluri ram at minervanetworks.com
Fri Sep 3 09:04:37 PDT 2010

  Hi Fred,

In order to keep the embedded system compact, am going to use 
Gtk+/Cairo/DirectFB as the backend as we do not need the rest of the 
windowing infrastructure.


On 9/2/10 7:49 PM, Fred Lee wrote:
> Dear Ram,
> I have done this before for one of the TV Box projects.
> I think you can't just copy the X11 headers to make all things compile.
> My approach is to redefine some X11 basic types that needed for NPAPI in
> my project headers. In such case, we don't need to change any line of
> code in Webkit and also we can have our own plugin implementation.
> However, some how u need to have a display system which allow the
> browser and your plugin to draw on the screen at the same time.
> Best Regards,
> Fred
> On 9/3/2010 6:09 AM, Ram Madduluri wrote:
>>   Even if I copy X11/Xlib.h, X11/Xutil.h and X11/Xresource.h just to
>> get the defines and data types, the compilation fails further down, in
>> WebCore/plugins/gtk directory, requiring more X11 headers...
>> So, the real question is, why is there an assumption that if it is a
>> UNIX platform, it must have X11 running on it?
>> Am I missing something?
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Ram
>> On 9/1/10 10:31 AM, Ram Madduluri wrote:
>>>     Unfortunately, I do need the plugin support as I am going to use that
>>> for integrating native media players..
>>>      -- Ram
>>> On 8/30/10 1:08 PM, Ariya Hidayat wrote:
>>>>> I am trying to port WebKit to a MIPS based platform and ran into
>>>>> compilation
>>>>> errors below:
>>>>> Since I configured for no X11 support (using directfb without X11),
>>>>> I am
>>>>> wondering as to why X11/Xlib.h, X11/Xutil.h and X11/Xresource.h are
>>>>> still
>>>>> being included.. the result is that the compilation fails with
>>>>> these errors:
>>>>> In file included from ./WebCore/bridge/npruntime_internal.h:28,
>>>>>                     from ./WebCore/bridge/NP_jsobject.h:31,
>>>>>                     from WebCore/bindings/js/ScriptController.cpp:34:
>>>> It's from the NPAPI plugin support. Try to rebuild but with plugin
>>>> support disabled.
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