[webkit-help] Webkit Build Fail - windows

yingherng yingherng yingherng at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 31 19:08:29 PDT 2010

Hi, i tried compiling webkit on windows xp (32bit) using cygwin and this is the error message i get. I've installed all developer tools needed, hope that someone will be able to help me.

Performing Pre-Build Event...
File not found - *
0 File(s) copied
Performing Pre-Link Event...
        1 file(s) copied.
        1 file(s) copied.
fatal error C1083: Cannot open compiler intermediate file: 'C:\cygwin\home\Student\WebKit\WebKitBuild\lib\WebCore.lib': Not enough space
LINK : fatal error LNK1257: code generation failed
Project : warning PRJ0018 : The following environment variables were not found:

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