[webkit-help] showing links in editable texts properly [OS X]

Grant Gayed Grant_Gayed at ca.ibm.com
Thu Oct 21 14:17:26 PDT 2010


We embed WebKit on OS X, and I'm seeing a behavior that seems wrong and 
differs from Safari.  The page at 
http://tinymce.moxiecode.com/examples/full.php has an editable text with 
two links within it.  In Safari (and other stand-alone browsers I've 
tried), hovering over these links leaves the cursor as an I-beam, and 
clicking inserts the caret into the editor for editing.  However in our 
app these link texts are treated like real links, so the cursor becomes a 
hand while hovering, and clicking them actually navigates away to their 

I think our app is just seeing WebKit's default behavior, because the 
CarbonWeb and MiniBrowser examples behave similarly.  I've been looking 
but haven't found a way to change this behavior in WebKit, though I assume 
there's a way since Safari does.  Can anyone give me a pointer?

Thanks in advance,
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