[webkit-help] WebKit is removing some HTML tags

Govinda Mahajan govinda.mahajan at gmail.com
Fri Oct 15 03:51:17 PDT 2010

Hello All,

We are facing some problem with WebKit. This is happening with both Windows
& Linux(GTK) build.

Problem I facing is, WebKit is removing some of the tags (Which are not
having any significance) and also the X-Path generated(in some cases) in
WebKit is coming different than other browsers like Chrome. I have given
examples at the end.

Any pointers where I can look for solutions for this.

Waiting for some tips helps to solve the problem.

Govinda Mahajan

1. Goto www.google.com & search any text. Here Page is having
*<span id="main" style="visibility: visible; "> & <div>* tag and whole page
is written in these 2 tags.
In DOM tree of WebKit these 2 tags are removed. But all the other browsers
are having.

We want that, WebKit should not remove such tags.

2. Similer is happenings on some of the links from CNN and other websites
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