[webkit-help] 3D transforms - elements disappearing on slower machines

Dusan Smolnikar dusan.smolnikar at gmail.com
Sat May 8 08:41:04 PDT 2010


I am building a website using CSS3 3D transforms. I'm using div elements and rotating & moving them to create a 3D scene.
This works well with smaller elements, but when divs get large (a few 1000 px) elements start disappearing. 

Problem is more obvious on slower machines. For example the same scene shows correctly on an iMac, but some elements are missing when opened on a macbook (same nightly version of webkit though).

I've set up a very basic demo, where I am resizing the wall.
Upon pressing the start button, a scripts starts resizing the div
On my iMac, the wall disappears when it hits 512.000px

I am wondering, what is going on here, and is there a way to bypass this problem?

kind regards
Dusan Smolnikar

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