[webkit-help] webkit build error, how to fix?

Hui Tang Hui.Tang at cybercom.com
Mon May 3 23:16:41 PDT 2010


I recompiled qt webkit from qt webkit trunk, I applied the patch you gave me, but in this trunk, it didn't have UUID.cpp(WebCore/platform/UUID.cpp b/WebCore/platform/UUID.cpp) file, so I just applied the patch for PluginDatabase.cpp.

The I set environment, and rebuild webkit, I got the following errors.

Microsoft (R) Program Maintenance Utility Version 8.00.50727.762 Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.

        echo '#include "E:/bb_webkit/qtwebkit/WebKit/qt/Api/qwebframe.h"' > ../.
        echo '#include "qwebframe.h"' > ../../../include/QtWebKit/QWebHitTestRes
        echo '#include "E:/bb_webkit/qtwebkit/WebKit/qt/Api/qwebdatabase.h"' > .
        echo '#include "qwebdatabase.h"' > ../../../include/QtWebKit/QWebDatabas
echo '#include <QtNetwork/QtNetwork>' >> ../../../include/QtWebKit/QtWebKit && echo '#include "qwebframe.h"' >> ../../../include/QtWebKit/QtWebKit && echo '#in clude "qgraphicswebview.h"' >> ../../../include/QtWebKit/QtWebKit && echo '#incl ude "qwebkitglobal.h"' >> ../../../include/QtWebKit/QtWebKit && echo '#include "
qwebpage.h"' >> ../../../include/QtWebKit/QtWebKit && echo '#include "qwebview.h "' >> ../../../include/QtWebKit/QtWebKit && echo '#include "qwebsettings.h"' >> ../../../include/QtWebKit/QtWebKit && echo '#include "qwebhistoryinterface.h"' >
> ../../../include/QtWebKit/QtWebKit && echo '#include "qwebdatabase.h"' >> ../.
./../include/QtWebKit/QtWebKit && echo '#include "qwebsecurityorigin.h"' >> ../.
./../include/QtWebKit/QtWebKit && echo '#include "qwebelement.h"' >> ../../../in clude/QtWebKit/QtWebKit && echo '#include "qwebpluginfactory.h"' >> ../../../inc lude/QtWebKit/QtWebKit && echo '#include "qwebhistory.h"' >> ../../../include/Qt WebKit/QtWebKit && echo '#include "qwebinspector.h"' >> ../../../include/QtWebKi t/QtWebKit && echo '#include "qwebkitversion.h"' >> ../../../include/QtWebKit/Qt WebKit && echo '#endif // QT_QTWEBKIT_MODULE_H' >> ../../../include/QtWebKit/QtW ebKit The system cannot find the path specified.
NMAKE : fatal error U1077: 'echo' : return code '0x1'
Failed to generate WebKit/qt/Api's derived sources!

E:\bb_webkit\qtwebkit>perl WebKitTools\Scripts\build-webkit --qt

Please give me some help

The environments are:
Qt 4.6.0
wince 6.0 SDK
MIPS platform

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