[webkit-help] How can I get a pointer to RenderBox for a particular Html Div Element

n179911 n179911 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 7 14:59:44 PST 2010


If I have a pointer to a HTMLDivElement.h, how can I get its
corresponding RenderBox for it?

I know there is a 'renderer() method which I can get its RenderObject,
 RenderObject *o = element->renderer();

but how can I get the RenderBox?

I see there is a 'toRenderBox method which convert RenderObject to
RenderBox object:

inline RenderBox* toRenderBox(RenderObject* object)

But the class which has this method is RenderBox (which i don't know
how to get from a DIV element).

Thank you for any pointer.

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