[webkit-help] Caching mechanism problem with JavaScript

Seweryn Pływaczyk s.plywaczyk at gmail.com
Thu Mar 4 00:02:06 PST 2010

Hi all

I have the following problem.

When I get loadUrl request first I check if this URL is in BackForwardList.
If it is I just call Page::goToItem() method instead of loading it.

Everything works fine with the static pages.

But I have problem with page wich has JavaScript embedded. The case is the

After load of page it checks in every 2 seconds (setInterval) if content of
specified input field has been changed. If so it just submits form.

This functionality works after first loading. When I get back using my
mechanism (goToItem) page with form is displayed as it was loaded (with text
which was set) but it seems  that JavaScript doesn't work anymore. When I'll
change content of input field nothing happens.
I've also noticed that when I try to get value attribute of this iput field
I get an empty string althought the text is displayed in it.

After reload of this page script works again.

If any of you had similar problem or knows where the problem can be located
I'll be really grateful for any help :)

Thanks in advance
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