[webkit-help] How to load a file:// image from a webview loaded with a base URL?

Dan Wood dw43031apple at karelia.com
Fri Jun 25 07:54:55 PDT 2010

I think it's time to ask Apple to (1) document this somehow, and (2) expose a the private API for making it possible for developers to white-list or turn off the restriction where needed.

Anyhow, I traced the WebCore method you suggested up to this private WebView API:

> @interface WebView (WebViewPrivate)
> // Whitelists access from an origin (sourceOrigin) to a set of one or more origins described by the parameters:
> // - destinationProtocol: The protocol to grant access to.
> // - destinationHost: The host to grant access to.
> // - allowDestinationSubdomains: If host is a domain, setting this to YES will whitelist host and all its subdomains, recursively.
> + (void)_addOriginAccessWhitelistEntryWithSourceOrigin:(NSString *)sourceOrigin destinationProtocol:(NSString *)destinationProtocol destinationHost:(NSString *)destinationHost allowDestinationSubdomains:(BOOL)allowDestinationSubdomains;
> @end

I tried using it like this.  I'm not really clear on what I should be putting as the parameters.  I gave it my best guess but no dice.

[WebView _addOriginAccessWhitelistEntryWithSourceOrigin:@"localhost" destinationProtocol:@"file" destinationHost:@"localhost" allowDestinationSubdomains:NO];

Any advice from those in the know?

On Jun 25, 2010, at 6:19 AM, Alexander Shulgin wrote:

> On 24.06.2010 22:37, Dan Wood wrote:
>> I'm seeing an odd behavior, and I wonder if it is a regression in Safari
>> 5's webkit, and if there is a workaround.
>> I have an HTML string which I have loaded up from a remote website, and
>> modified slightly to include an image with a source of a local file:// URL.
>> Then I try to load it into my webview with -[WebFrame
>> loadHTMLString:baseURL:]. I pass in the base URL so that the images with
>> relative paths will show properly.
>> This works fine, except that my file:// image does not load! It's not
>> even requested, if I monitor the resource load delegate!
> I pretty much believe it is blocked for security reasons, as I ended up debugging similar issue just recently.
> There's WebCore::SecurityOrigin::addOriginAccessWhitelistEntry() you could use, however I can't seem to find it's WebKit equivalent.
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> Alex

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