[webkit-help] WebKit+cairo open HTTPS issue & local certificate file issue

Rick Xu rick.zhi.xu at gmail.com
Thu Jun 10 13:38:28 PDT 2010

Sorry to bother.

I have successfully built the WebKit/Cairo on WinXP (32-bit). The
generated WinLauncher.exe works fine for normal http URL addresses.

However, when I try to open a HTTPS URL, like
https://mail.google.com/, the browser just stops there with no
response at all. I know the WinLauncher.exe is not a comprehensive
browser. But, I noticed that there is cacert.pem file included in the
"requirement" folder.

I am wondering if any one can give me a clue about what should I do to
make it work with https url.

Another question is about the local certification. In WebKit/Safari
version, it provides a function to "install certificate" from local
certificate files. I am thinking of specifying a folder to store local
certificate files for the WebKit/Cairo build.

Thank you very much in advance!

Best wishes,


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