[webkit-help] V8 vs SS binding behavior for window.open

zaheer ahmad zaheer.mot at gmail.com
Tue Jun 8 01:57:50 PDT 2010


Iam running the following CTS test on android with V8/SS -
The sub-test "testWindows" passes with SS and fails with V8. The
reason it fails with V8 is that V8 bindings check for the new window
frame to have javascript enabled (which would not be by default since
settings are not inherited by a child window) and return undefined for
the window.open call. It works fine on SS, since the bindings dont do
this check.

It appears to me that the V8 behavior is correct (ie. the embedder
should explicitly set the javascript flag on the child window), and if
so, it would require a fix in the CTS case to set javascript on the
child window.



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