[webkit-help] core animation, double buffered, gl calls

Tim Prepscius timprepscius at gmail.com
Wed Jun 2 23:36:23 PDT 2010


Hopefully this question may garner some response.  It would be nice
not to stab in the dark over and over.

So, I decided to use "CoreAnimation," cause I thought this was being
required by Google Chrome, (although this was not the case actually, I
haven't figured out how to do opengl in chrome yet).

My question is this:
I have been experimenting with your "Core Essentials, drawing the
spinning cube, demo."
[Which is nice by the way.]

I would like to move the gl calls outside of the "drawInCGLContext" of

I would like to do this:
  1. draw to opengl context
  2. call setNeedsDisplay
  3. on the call to "drawInCGLContext" either do nothing, or do a
flush to drawable, or whatever.

However, my attempts to place this opengl drawing outside of
"drawInCGLContext" method fail.  (the reason for wanting this, is that
1. it will reduce my future workload by 100 hours, and 2. I can do
nice things with threads.  3. I can smooth out timings nicer.)

Anybody have any hints?

I'm currently trying random things with double buffered contexts,
however these are failing as well.


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