[webkit-help] WebKit+cairo as an activex control - javascript confirm, dom element tooltips

sunil dummy at richsuib.com
Mon Jul 19 07:53:34 PDT 2010

Hi All,

Second post, so once again, apologies if this has been previously answered.

I've been reasonably successful making an activex control based on  
WinLauncher and WebKit+cairo. The goal is to provide an embedded  
browser that provides a better browsing experience than IE 6 & 7.  
Things work reasonably well except for the following issues:

1. javascript:alert and javascript:confirm seem to cause some sort of  
heap corruption upon returning from when I call the appropriate  
MessageBoxW win32 calls. Guessing that this was because of threading  
issues, I moved the actual MessageBoxW call to the app's UI thread by  
means of a SendMessage. This cleared the corruption issue. However, I  
can't seem to get WebKit to understand a return value of 0 when the  
user clicks "No" on the confirm dialog. For some reason, the value  
going back is a large positive number (not ffffffff).

2. What is the magic I need to invoke in order to get browser-like  
tooltips when the user mouses over DOM elements with a title attribute  
in them? Is it just a matter of implementing  
FrameLoadDelegate::mouseDidMoveOverElement ?

Thanks much,

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