[webkit-help] Capture rendering buffer (windows)

Chris Hatko chatko at gmail.com
Fri Jul 9 12:18:56 PDT 2010


My goal is to get the cario webkit port to render to a buffer instead
of a window (i'll be making the window invisible), with as little
change to the port source as possible.

Through the WebView class I'm accessing "m_backingStoreBitmap" which
seems to contain a bitmap of the entire site. However flash elements
are missing/not updated. I have determined that flash updates its own
window via  PluginView::wndProc with the "WM_USER + 1" message. How
can I capture this output?

I've tried to force the m_backingStoreBitmap update via
invalidateBackingStore(0), but this invalidates the entire window and
is too slow. Perhaps if I could determine the flash plugin dimensions
I could pass those in, but I don't know how to obtain them from a
webview. Better yet, if I could get plugins to render directly to the
m_backingStoreBitmap or my own HDC.

Any ideas are welcome



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