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Tue Jul 6 20:39:30 PDT 2010

Hi Xavier,

On Jul 5, 2010, at 11:45 AM, Xavier Vautier wrote:

> But, when launching my application which uses WebKit, it crashes and asked me for CoreFoundation.dll... DLL that I did not found in the WebKit trunk or WebKitSupportLibrary(.zip).
> 1)      Where can I found the CoreFoundation.dll which correspond to the CoreFoundation.lib which is contained in the WebKitSupportLibrary package ?
> 2)      Is there a way to remove WebKit dependencies to this library (CoreFoundation) ?

In general, you can substitute CFLite for CoreFoundation.  I run this with the WInCairo port of WebKit and have yet to encounter a case where it does not work.  As we have found/patched problems with the official CFLite sources, we have tracked them under http://sourceforge.net/projects/opencflite/.  In keeping with the VS2005 build focus of the WebKit project, the projects in source control are VS2005.  However, I regularly convert them to VS2008 to build for my application releases without problem.

Please note that CoreFoundation is not the only dependency you will need to deal with.  WebKit as built by the core projects require a Windows implementation of CoreGraphics and CFNetwork, neither of which is currently available under a redistributable license.

You can try out the WinCairo port of WebKit, which replaces CoreGraphics with Cairo, CFNetwork with libcurl, and CoreFoundation with CFLite.

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