[webkit-help] cut Qt webkit building error

Stephan Assmus superstippi at gmx.de
Thu Feb 25 03:34:13 PST 2010

On 2010-02-25 at 11:12:03 [+0100], Hui Tang <Hui.Tang at cybercom.com> wrote:
> Hi, all
>  I want to cut Qt Webkit, and I add "USE_SYSTEM_MALLOC=1  ENABLE_SVG=0" to 
>  Qt webkit project file.


> JSHTMLFrameElement.cpp
> generated\JSHTMLFrameElement.cpp(352) : error C2039: 'getSVGDocument' : is 
> not
>  member of 'WebCore::HTMLFrameElement'
>         html\HTMLFrameElement.h(31) : see declaration of 
>         'WebCore::HTMLFrameEle


> Does anyone know why is this error happened?

AFAIK, the ENABLE_SVG #define is simply not checked everywhere. So effectivle 
a build without this flag is broken ATM.

Best regards,

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