[webkit-help] ACCELERATED_COMPOSITING #define in FrameView.cpp

Julien Chaffraix julien.chaffraix at gmail.com
Wed Feb 17 20:50:38 PST 2010


> In FrameView.cpp code, I see there is a new #define ACCELERATED_COMPOSITING
> Can you please tell me how to enable/disable it?

Currently, you cannot (apart from hacking the value of
WTF_USE_ACCELERATED_COMPOSITING in Platform.h or the build system).

> And if it is enabled by default?

The default value depends on the platform as it needs some support
from the underlying graphic library as well as some WebKit platform
dependent code. It is currently implemented for Mac but Chromium has
taken a first step.

> I have checked '.autogen.sh --help' but I don't see anything about that.

Gtk does not have support for it yet.


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