[webkit-help] phonon deploy problem

light frank franklightcn at gmail.com
Wed Feb 10 18:12:04 PST 2010

I have problem in deploy app use phonon.
I use Qt4.6.1 windows version, and I have built the qt lib.
To test the phonon, I build example/phonon/capabilities, and put the files
needed into one dir as below,

│  capabilities.exe
│  phonon4.dll
│  QtCore4.dll
│  QtGui4.dll

But the problem is that, the capabilities.exe dosen't use the
phonon_ds94.dll in its app dir, but uses the dll file in Qt dir,
2010.01\qt\plugins\phonon_backend, because if I delete the dll file in Qt
dir, the capacities app can show nothing.
It means that the app can't work in other computer,s so do other phonon
player demos.
Is there something wrong in the deployment? I need for your help. Thanks!
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