[webkit-help] __gnu_inline__ [was: Re: Changing Code in DerivedSources]

Stephan Assmus superstippi at gmx.de
Wed Feb 10 12:26:13 PST 2010


On 2010-02-10 at 18:04:31 [+0100], Julien Chaffraix 
<julien.chaffraix at gmail.com> wrote:
> Your question is a big broad so this is a generic answer (which misses
> some file type like the gperf generated ones). If you give us more
> details, we can give you a more precise answer.

With regards to the gperf generated source, there seems to be a problem 
with the use of "__gnu_inline__" in these files:


When building a debug build, GCC 4.3.3 on Haiku generates linker errors for 
the functions that are declared __gnu_inline__. I believe the GCC behavior 
is probable correct and the whole block for declaring those functions 
should be wrapped in "#ifdef NDEBUG ... #endif".

I have grepped all the source tree and couldn't figure out how 
"__gnu_inline__" even ends up in those files. Perhaps it's gperf itself 
adding it? If so, how can it be tweaked to work correctly with debug builds?

Best regards,

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