[webkit-help] Haiku port launcher code

Maxime Simon maxime.simon at webkit.org
Wed Feb 3 06:58:35 PST 2010

> On to my first question: I have noticed that the code for the HaikuLauncher
> is not part of the repository at all, but other ports do have a browser
> shell included, sometimes seemlingly much more, like in the chromium case.
> Shall I submit patches for this code as well? Or just for the port itself?
Hi Stephan,

I didn't include the code of HaikuLauncher intentionally. It was
intended to provide it only when the main issues are fixed
(which seems to be the case, thanks to you.)

However it may be great if you have time to submit some patches
in Bugzilla (for both the port and HaikuLauncher).

Remember to submit not-too-big patches. Then it's easier for reviewer
to work on them.

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