[webkit-help] Using Webkit on VS 2005

Rajasekhar M mail2rsekhar at gmail.com
Wed Feb 3 00:50:41 PST 2010

   I downloaded latest webkit source code from the repository and was trying
to setup on windows using Visual studio 2005 (With service packs installed).
I get XML Parsing errors while loading the webkit project. Here is the
snippet of the error i get.

The following error has occurred during XML parsing:

File: C:\cygwin\home\raj\WebKit\WebKit\win\WebKit.vcproj\WebKit.vcproj
Line: 23
Column: 4
Error Message:
Property sheet file
'$(WebKitLibrariesDir)\win\tools\vsprops\FeatureDefines.vsprops' was not
found or failed to load.
The file 'C:\cygwin\home\raj\WebKit\WebKit\win\WebKit.vcproj\WebKit.vcproj'
has failed to load.

  This looks something to do with the path.  Could you please let me know if
any path settings are needed for windows based webkit setup.

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