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Thanks demallien it cleared my doubt.

@Alexander Shulgin

>> 2) Using the IWebFrame Interface, loadHTMLString function we can load
>> the HTML string when the WinLauncher App starts. But I would like to
>> give the location of the File from the local Disk How to achieve this
>Just use loadRequest method with UrlRequest object intialized with file://

Ok There is a function which does exactly the same in the same
WebLauncher.cpp file here is the function definition >>
http://pastebin.ca/2027996. But even if the function gets called properly it
still does not render anything I am calling this function as

>> 3)I have observed that an alert on a JS page does not get called. which
>> is quite weird. Is this a bug? How to enable the alerts so that if
>> someone on the page goes alert("hi"); it would actually
>> alert like firefox and Safari
> Showing actual alert messageboxes is delegated to application for
> customization purposes.  Just implement the IWebUIDelegate::
> runJavaScriptAlertPanelWithMessage() method and be sure set the UI

This really did not work.. and used to bug out all the time .. i declared an
object of IWebUIDelegate and i called its method as u suggested but it did
not work. Maybe I did not properly understood what u meant. (eg:- set the UI

Thanks in Adv
Mr. Nimish Nayak
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