[webkit-help] How to resize the RenderView::docWidth() when the window's size is changed?

achellies achellies at 163.com
Tue Dec 21 18:47:10 PST 2010

As i know, when the window's size is changed, the webkit will response the resize message and recalculate the DOM width,  when the window's width is large enough and the Horizontal Scrollbar will not show, and the text layout in the html file will changed, if the window's width is much smaller, the horizontal scrollbar will appear, and we have to use the horizontal scrollbar to view the whole html file, 

but in my project, i use webkit wince port, when i change the window's size, the webkit does not recalculate the DOM Width, and the layout will not change, but the Google Chrome will recalculate the DOM Width according to the same html file, 
and i try FrameView::setContentsSize()\FrameView::resize() in the webkit codes to change the DOM Width, but i am still unable to change the html file width.

so would you do me a favor to push me in the correct direction.
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