[webkit-help] Installing Webkit on Windows..

Nimish Nayak nimishnayk at gmail.com
Tue Dec 7 00:21:57 PST 2010

Ok Done with that.. But Build still pops errors
Here is my Cygwin Shell Prompt

nimesh at nimesh-nayak ~/webkit/WebKitTools/Scripts
$ ./build-webkit
WebKitSupportLibrary is up-to-date.
Building results into: /home/nimesh/Webkit/WebKitBuild
WEBKITOUTPUTDIR is set to: C:\cygwin\home\nimesh\Webkit\WebKitBuild
/cygdrive/c/Program Files/Microsoft Visual Studio
8/Common7/IDE/VCExpress.exe wi
n\WebKit.vcproj\WebKit.sln /build Release
Can't exec "./print-vse-failure-logs": No such file or directory at
it line 538.

===== BUILD FAILED ======

Please ensure you have run ./update-webkit to install dependencies.

You can view build errors by checking the BuildLog.htm files located at:

nimesh at nimesh-nayak ~/webkit/WebKitTools/Scripts

Mr. Nimish Nayak
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