[webkit-help] How to disable unwanted includes in generated sources

Alex Vazquez alexvazquezfente at gmail.com
Tue Aug 17 07:08:18 PDT 2010

Hello all,

How can the unwanted includes in a generated source be disabled?

We are compiling a DirectFB port using r64500 of webkit's source code and we
are having problems compiling DerivedSources/WebCore/JSDOMWindow.cpp. The
errors are due to missing generated headers:

*DerivedSources/WebCore/JSDOMWindow.cpp:191:28: error: JSSQLException.h: No
such file or directory
DerivedSources/WebCore/JSDOMWindow.cpp:200:26: error: JSTimeRanges.h: No
such file or directory
but the fact is that they should not be included, since we are compiling
with no database nor video enabled. The features passed to compilation are:

The given source is being generated with this line:

*/usr/bin/perl -I./WebCore/bindings/scripts ./WebCore/bindings/scripts/
generate-bindings.pl --include "./WebCore/accessibility" --include
"./WebCore/bindings/js" --include "./WebCore/css" --include "./WebCore/dom"
--include "./WebCore/html" --include "./WebCore/html/canvas" --include
"./WebCore/inspector" --include "./WebCore/loader/appcache" --include
"./WebCore/notifications" --include "./WebCore/page" --include
"./WebCore/storage" --include "./WebCore/svg" --include "./WebCore/xml"
--include "./WebCore/plugins" --include "./WebCore/websockets" --include
"./WebCore/workers" --outputDir "./DerivedSources/WebCore" --defines
ENABLE_SHARED_WORKERS=1  ENABLE_FILTERS=1             " --generator JS

What files must be modified to tell the build system to generate the include
line for SQLException.idl only if the proper defines are enabled?


PS: I have taken a look at WebCore/bindings/scripts/CodeGeneratorJS.pm and i
could manage to disable the include by checking
GenerateConditionalString($dataNode) but it seems not the right way of doing
it, since the rest of includes seem to work fine.

Alejandro Vazquez Fente
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