[webkit-help] Help with possible buffer overflow (JS code) in our DFB port

demallien demallien at me.com
Mon Aug 2 02:40:19 PDT 2010


From the description of the bug, it sounds an awful lot like you are calling into JSC from different threads.  It's not clear from your post if you can reproduce the bug when the code isn't all in the same file or not, but I would be double checking that you haven't changed anything with respect to when you call code.

It's not really clearly marked in the documentation, but each JSAPI call that takes a JSContextRef as a parameter, needs all calls using that context to be made from the same thread, otherwise you get random corruption of the stack.

Hope that helps,


We are using a DirectFB port of webkit as GUI renderer on an embedded device
(MIPS architecture).

We use a lot of Javascript code and we are experiencing random crashes when
we bunch all that code in a single file without compressing it
(yui-compressor). We suspect that we have some kind of buffer overflow that
causes these random crashes since it almost never crashes on the same

It is hard to determine exactly which is the file size limit, if this is the
case, because it seems different for each execution (the memory corrupted
may not be used for a long time) but we have reproduced the bug with a
Javascript file of 300 KB. Also, we don't know if the bug is platform
specific, architecture specific, etc ...

Any idea of how to investigate this issue (source files where the Javascript
files are read to memory, build variables/parameters that can affect this
behaviour, or any other idea) is welcome.

Thanks and kind regards,

Alejandro Vazquez Fente

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