[webkit-help] C++ from javascript and vice versa

Anders Bakken anders.bakken at myriadgroup.com
Fri Apr 30 09:14:09 PDT 2010

I want to add support for exposing C++ classes to the javascript engine
and I had a question on what APIs to use. 

The intention is to be able to implement the Bondi API

I know the Qt port makes this easy through Qt's meta object system but
we're not using Qt.

I already have a reasonably functional implementation using the same
APIs that Qt used to implement it. I relied on the classes in
WebCore/bridge and while the APIs are sometimes a little hard to
understand it seems to work. A colleague of mine however mentioned that
he thought the APIs in JavaScriptCore/API are more suited for this so I
figured I'd ask what the appropriate interface is.

Is this the right mailing list for this kind of question btw?

If anyone's interesting in seeing the approach I've taken it can be
found here:



Anders Bakken

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