[webkit-help] file: scheme on Windows?

Russ Schnapp rls.webkit at schnapp.org
Thu Apr 29 15:16:23 PDT 2010

Bill Cary wrote:
> This might help:
> If you are using WinLauncher to test your locally built WebKit.dll and you
> notice it working with http ... it you try WinLauncher again, but this time
> just type in the URL WITHOUT the leading http (e.g. try entering just
> www.google.com) you'll probably notice that WinLauncher will also just
> product an odd blank white rectangle.  
> If this is true for you, you are probably seeing the same effect that I've
> seen.  I suspect that under the hood, it doesn't really understand how to
> parse what you are feeding into webkit unless it starts with http or https,
> etc.   So asking it to load file://... etc probably isn't causing it to
> understand what to do.  If you are using WinLauncher, if you look at
> WinLauncher.cpp's code you can see that its an incredibly poorly written
> Win32 app.   I haven't traced the problem down yet, but it might be simple
> enough to fix directly in WinLauncher.cpp's loadURL method.

I'm using something remotely similar to WinLauncher. It appears that 
what's going on is that it's failing to use 
MIMETypeRegistry::getMIMETypeForExtension() to determine the proper MIME 
type for local files (for http scheme, the server supplies the MIME 
type, of course).

When it calls WebView::canShowMIMEType() for, e.g., 
"file://localhost/C:/wherever/SomePhoto.jpg", instead of providing the 
correct MIME type ("image/jpeg"), it's asking about 
"application/octet-stream" -- which is, of course, not something it 
knows how to render.

I'm stymied because the Apple WebKit port is using CoreFoundation 
libraries, which are a black box as far as I'm concerned.  I can't debug 
them -- they're just third-party libraries without symbols or debugging 
info, let alone source code...

I'm still plugging away.  There must be some way to get it to use the 
right MIME type...

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>> I've got a strange problem that I'm trying to track down. I've got
>> WebKit.dll working in my Windows app, more or less.  It renders http:
>> scheme URLs just fine.  Put that same content on my local filesystem
>> and
>> all I get is a blank white rectangle.  I've tried all the variants,
>> e.g., given a file at
>> 	C:\dir\foo.bar
>> I've tried
>>    file://localhost/C:/dir/foo.bar
>>    file://localhost/C|/dir/foo.bar
>>    file:///C:/dir/foo.bar
>>    file:///C|/dir/foo.bar
>> ...all of which work with Safari and Firefox.
>> I'm using WebKit rev 57076.
>> Any suggestions?
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